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Featured Member Crochet: February 13th

Members of our online community have recently shared with us some very beautiful examples of the crochet they’ve done. There’s just so much beauty! Here are just a few. We hope they inspire you to try new things with crochet.

from: Rhonda Manous Vaughan: “This is the Valentine’s Day project I’ve been working on. I am making them for myself to be used with my Mom’s Rose Pattern China. I have one finished now I only need 5 more:(“

from Lori Mills Ash: “Sweater I made for my granddaughter, sweater pattern: https://www.crochetme.com/media/p/94998.aspx
flower tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hGDZNIS6qo

Thanks, Lori, for sharing this valuable information with us. Your little kimono sweater is darling!

from: Hook An Needle: “Baby nest I made at hook an needle”

We love the work of Hook an Needle! She is always so creative!

from: Sandy Hartman: “I made this for my grand daughter who is due to arrive in about 17 days”

Thanks to everyone who has shared their love of crochet.

If you’d like to post a photo of crochet you’ve done, just come to the Starting Chain Facebook page and upload a clear photo there. If you used a pattern, please give the pattern’s name and source if you can. We always want to give proper credit to pattern designers, honoring the investment they and the pattern production companies have made.

We really like, also, to see works done without a pattern. Crochet is just a great medium for trying new things and that’s something we’d like to encourage. We can so inspire each other.

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