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Today’s Featured Chains – February 22nd – Starting Chain

We’d like to thank Marleah Hoxsie for sharing with us some of the crocheted doilies she has made. They are exquisite and elegant. Notice, too, the beautiful heart bookmark. Marleah writes, “All patterns are in purchased crochet booklets at Wal-Mart, craft stores and some old craft books. The two large ones are in the current “Year of Doilies”. It’s so inspiring to see beautiful work!

Linda Vedsted made this beautiful and dramatic large afghan as a gift for her neighbors. Those of us who crochet know how much joy we get during the process of making something as a gift. With every “yarn over” and “turn” we get to think about the people who will be receiving it. There’s so much happiness in making things for others.

“One of my first original designs is actually more of a play mat than a blanket. The “ocean” is a giant pocket good for hiding fish and other crazy things. The sun and clouds a slightly stuffed, the buttons do actually button and unbutton so the sail can be lifted.” — Wendy Proctor

Wendy’s crochet play mat has been popular with our readers. Several saw that it was all done just with the simple Single Crochet stitch. One said “It’s amazing what you can do with single crochet!” We agree. There’s so much room in crochet for original creativity. And making something for babies and children is a good excuse for us to play, too!

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