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Today’s Featured Chains – February 27th

Here are a few beautiful and interesting works of crochet we’ve selected, from recent posts, to feature this morning. While they all have traditional fall colors, they remind us that it’s not too early to start thinking of how we can use crochet to give some splash to our outfits. Our own prediction is that crochet is going to grow as a fashion item, so let’s think ahead…

from Krystyna Kemp: “Just finished this granny square skirt last night. Wanted something that I could wear in the cooler months with leggings. The pattern is free on Ravelry.

Ravelry has so many great skirt patterns. Krystyna’s looks like the one called “Not your Granny’s Skirt” but is a very beautiful version of it. The description of the asymmetrical skirt says that it is basically made like a large “granny square with a hole in the center for the waist, to which you add a waistband”. We like Krystyna’s yarn choice. It does need to be a heavier yarn to have just the right amount of structure and coverage. Thanks, Krystyna, for showing us this lovely modern skirt.

from Sarah Narramore: “This is an Aviator hat I made for a customer special order for her son’s photo shoot. I didn’t use a pattern, just kinda went with it Tigerbelle Crochet.”

Sarah is always creative, but her aviator hat is just plain fun and well-done! It’s one of the most darling hats we’ve ever seen. The colors she’s chosen, too, are the great neutrals so it would look perfect on city streets or on campus. It’s a sure head-turner. Thanks, Sarah, for sharing your work with us all.

from Rebecca Jewell: “When my time comes someone is going to have to find homes for all these afghans! Is there such a thing as a 12-step program for this? “

Ha, we have to laugh at Rebecca’s comment. Her golden afghan is very beautiful. There’s no cure for the inner urge to create a beauty that also gives warmth! It’s also called “goodness.” Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing it with us all.

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