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Today’s Featured Chains – February 28th

Good morning from Starting Chain! This morning we’d like to feature two types of crochet activities that might interest you, plus a closeup of a beautiful shawl made with hand-dyed yarn. The effect is beautiful!

from: Laurie Ehlbeck: “Squares to swap with friends around the world. “

It’s a fabulous idea to create granny squares or other motifs to share with friends! It would be so fun to do by mail with friends or family that are far away, or with a crocheting group that you might want to start.

Thank you, Laurie, for sharing this great idea! It’s nice to see, too, how you are blocking them.

from: Mary Roa: “Beanies I made for the preemies at Phoenix Children’s Hospital NICU…..”

Of course, we all at Starting Chain really love seeing handmade crochet that’s done for charity. Making the little hats for newborns, in designs that are so sweet, will bring much joy to many.

Thank you, Mary, for sharing these with us. They are beautifully done.

from Taylor Groff: “Here’s some wool I hand dyed to make a shawl for my mother. It was hard work, but a lot of fun. “

The shawl Taylor made is called “Kristen”. It’s a free Ravelry pattern by Jennifer Dickerson. It’s one of those great designs that is both feminine and, if made with the right yarn, warm and cozy. A closeup is below.

Tayloralso writes that “The finished shawl was 4’x2′. The pattern is great because it’s bottom up so you can stop whenever you run out of yarn.

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