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Featured Member Crochet: February 27

This morning we’re featuring just a few of the wonderful works of crochet that have recently been shared with Starting Chain. They are all very different, but all are interesting in their own way. We hope they inspire this Thursday morning.

from: Nancy’s Nice Knots of Crochet: “This is my version of “Happy Hexagon Throw” – a Red Heart pattern. Mine looks quite different from their picture of it. I didn’t do the half hexes…and I added a shell border. I used a variegated colored yarn and white, so it has a more delicate look.Free pattern:https://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/happy-hexagon-throw”

Nancy’s work on this throw is one of the finest we’ve ever seen. It is beautiful and the pattern is timeless. We love her shell border. It is exquisite.

from: Yo-y MisKosas: “Witch of the Forest. Sharing my little creations, that’s how I crochet. I hope you enjoy the pic! :)”

This little crocheted witch from Yo-y is just darling! Notice her leggings and her elaborate dress and her fine cloak! Are we seeing green lips, too? She’s so creative!

from: Sarah Narramore: “Another fun scarf I made for the spring! No pattern, sorry. Tigerbelle Crochet”

We’ve featured Sarah’s work before but just love the simplicity and her use of color. This could easily be a type of project for a new crocheter. As we all know, “less is more”.

from: Callee ‘Calico Rose’ Eyestone-Griswold: “Adapted from the Owl Obsession pattern as a birthday gift.”

How can one be a room with these happy and whimsical owls and not smile! Those yellow eyes and the little orange noses on the turquoise are just perfect!

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