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Featured Member Crochet: February 4

Good Morning from Starting Chain! We hope everyone is having time this winter to do more crochet. Here are a few completed projects recently shared with us by our readers. They all have a vintage look that often seems to appeal even in the coldness of winter. One has a story that warms the heart and may be familiar to many of us.

from: Christine Dearing: “Infinity cowl”

There are, of course, literally hundreds of crochet patterns for infinity cowls. We love Christine’s with the loose stitches and fringe.

from: Christine Lovett: “my first try at a toddlers dress.”

Crocheted dresses are always so beautiful! Christine has shown how a “first try” can turn out looking like a fine designer creation!

from: Janine McLoughlin Hickey: “Pinwheel doily I just completed for my coffee table”

We love Janine’s doily! We have seen smaller vintage doilies from the 1940’s made in this pattern, but love how Janine has made a large one joining 19 pinwheels. Pinwheel patterns can be easily online and in books on vintage crochet. Janine’s is just classy!

from: Lori Osman Morgan: “Here is an afghan I just finished sewing together…. There’s a story behind it: A year ago i opened up a box of ‘granny triangles’ my mother had crochet. There were also instructions and skeins of yarn inside. My mom passed away over 20 years ago, so i knew they were pretty old. When i finally got around to sewing them together i looked at the instructions….they were from January 1973! This afghan was over 40 years old! I finally sewed the last stitch an hour ago….i must say i got a little choked up, thinking of my mom and i hope she is proud of me for finishing it for her.”

We love Lori’s afghan and love the tribute to her Mom even more. Many of us have had this experience. Sometimes we just put away sewing or craft projects that were started by a beloved family member and then, years later, take them out again. Finishing them brings back so many memories and an amazing level of pride. There’s a sense of continuity, knowing that something started years ago will also be appreciated in the generations to come.

Thank you so much, Lori, for sharing this with us. Now, dear readers, we all need to go find those projects our own mothers or grandmothers or aunts started…

Thanks to everyone who has shared their love of crochet with our community at Starting Chain. Yarn Over!

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