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Featured Member Crochet: February 6

Sometimes you just love red and purple! Here are a few crochet projects that we just love. All were done by our readers at Starting Chain. They can’t help but bring smiles.

from: Racheal Fisher: “Another shawl I made for a friend as a Christmas gift.”Angel Wings” Shawl Pattern use for main body.”Harlequin Shawl” – by Margaret Wilson thru Caron Yarns website. For the edging, slightly adjusted to get scalloped look.Caron Simply Soft Yarns used.Crocheted using a G/4.00 hook.”

Thanks, Rachael, for sharing this very beautiful shawl with us all and for giving information about the pattern. Those of us who are chilly on this winter’s night may want to make this! The edging “makes” it.

from: Deborah Collins: “This is my little friend Dillon. Recently rediscovered in a drawer. I made him a few years ago, making him up as I went along. He’s mostly acrylic dk, and I can’t remember what his hair is.”

So glad you found Dillon, Deborah! He’s a critter that will always brighten up any room! Love his hair and the look of his eyes!

from Katherine Florimbio. It is a poncho for a little girl. Katherine made it for the daughter of a friend. It is beautiful!

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