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Featured Member Crochet: January 29th

Tonight we’d like to feature a few of the crocheted bedspreads, blankets and throws that have recently been shared with us by our readers. We have ourselves, and regularly use, a beautiful vintage crocheted bedspread done by a dear family member during WWII. It is heavy and does bring warmth, plus that amazing charm that vintage crocheted thread work brings.

So here are a few ways our readers have used their crochet skills, with the investment of months and sometimes years, to help bring warmth…

Teri-Lyn Calhoun worked on this king-sized crocheted bed covering for almost 2 years. She writes that she did it, with some tweaks, from the memory of a pattern she had 30 years ago. She also adds, “It’s all in single crochet. Each pieces are crocheted to look like diamond pieces. Easy – but time consuming in sewing them up AND deciding which color will go where.” Terri also posted a photo of a baby quilt in progress using the same pattern. They both have that vintage charm with is, in itself, warming. Thanks, Teri, for showing it to us!

A few days ago we made the comment that crocheters can stitch warmth. Edath Feston replied “We certainly CAN…” and she posted this photo of her lovely “Spring Breeze Afghan Square” bedspread. She also writes,

This project was made using 15 skeins of Caron Simply Soft Off White, and 6 skeins of Simply Soft Paints. It took 5 months to crochet the 99 blocks, half blocks and triangle blocks to fit my king sized bed. I really love how it turned out and the way it cuddles me when I sleep under it. I started with only a block pattern and put the rest together myself. You can find the pattern at https://www.ravelry.com/…/spring-breeze-afghan-square. The only change I made to this pattern was that I added colored thread where you see it there, plus I added 2 more rounds on the outside edge.”

Thank you, Edath, for sharing it with all of us at Starting Chain and for sharing pattern information. Your work is beautiful and looks like it would have taken longer than the 5 months!

Janine McLoughlin Hickley brings in two throws/coverlets to help with some charming warmth on chilly nights:
When it’s not used as a throw on the bottom of my bed, this granny square afghan serves as my ‘fall-winter’ coverlet. The wine red throw I also crocheted as well as some of the toss pillows.” They look beautiful with the cream dust ruffle! Thank you, Janine, for sharing them with us.

It’s such a delight to see all the beauty–and practicality–made by our readers. Yes, we do stitch warmth in many ways.

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