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Featured Member Crochet: January 17

Tonight we’re showing a variety of crochet projects that have recently been shared with our Starting Chain community. We hope they inspire!

from Barbara Wall: “I found $2 Bunnies, left, then I made a one piece outfit and stuffed.I show them off with wagons and wheelbarrows for Easter.”

Note the darling crocheted outfits on the bunnies to the right.

from: Jean Flanagan: “I’m working on an afghan with an African pattern. It is going to be huge. I’m glad it’s January and not August.”

from: Charlotte Lincoln: “Uncle asked if I could make him an American Bald Eagle .. I think I nailed it !!”

from: Tanya Farar Arnold: “Horse shoe Afghan I made up.”

Thanks to everyone who has shared their love of crochet! Yarn Over!

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