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Featured Member Crochet: January 7

Tonight we’d just like to feature a few works of crocheted art that have been shared with us recently by our readers. They all seem to speak this cold winter night. Each in its own way appears very well made and whole and solid…just what we need in a Polar Vortex!

from: Yo-y MisKosas: “Sharing some Cute Bear Couples. :)”

from: Timothy-Lori McDole: “Ok. Here is the last afghan I completed. It’s not your typical “granny”. It is composed of 296 squares. There are 6 different colors of squares interlocking together. I think I am happy with the results.”

from: Lena Kozak: “Fingerless mittens https://www.facebook.com/Taubeshka”

from: Esther Cifuentes: “This is my last design, finger-less gloves for girls.”

from: Kelley Heil Miller: “My first sock ever! Now to make a matching one. No i don’t have a pattern. I mostly used single stitch and kept trying it on.”

A sock may seem lowly and practical, but there’s a great pride that comes when we learn to crochet our own socks or to give as gifts. They just seem sturdy and wall, a restrained elegance. We like simple things!

Thanks to everyone who has shown they enjoy crochet. Yarn Over!

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