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Featured Member Crochet: June 15

We’d like to thank Holli Ireland for posting this wonderful photo of the darling little dress and booties she did in crochet for a friend’s baby shower. And we’d like to thank her for including the pattern source for the dress: https://www.favecrafts.com/Crochet-for-Baby/Adorable-Crocheted-Baby-Dress.

Holli made the booties from a pattern in a magazine she had. The traditional pink and white and the vintage stitch techniques make it something that will be an heirloom.

995047_616261911718306_1785861209_nLet’s all say Bravo to MariaElena Casey who is keeping up the tradition of fine needlework for the home. Those of us who grew up with crocheted trim, handworked by grandmothers and great-aunts, on the “good” pillowcases and sheets recognize the value of what she’s done. This border is for her cotton bedspread and it took her a year to do. This is a skill and tradition that produces so much beauty. Let’s help it spread!

1017244_4953593320785_569298284_nLinda Ortiz’s work is so very beautiful. It’s traditional and delicate and so feminine. The little bonnet, especially is darling. The little girl who is dressed in this finery is going to be very lucky!

600410_10151477048548657_1715886380_nCherry Zimmer has created a lovely dresser or table scarf in modern colors. We can tell this was intricate work. The colors are so peaceful.

1016598_549919611732295_1781678293_nWe really love crochet jewelry and were glad to see this necklace posted by Fancy Knots. Fancy writes, “Spiral chain necklace with double layered flower. I love making crochet jewelry.” This one is just the perfect length. It looks to be purple…stunning!

580418_10200109191640156_1468808630_nAnd we’re going to end tonight with this darling crochet dress was made by Jaime Bourgeau who just simply writes “Just right for a 4th of July Party”. It’s cute and creative and will be a hit. We like it, too, that she shows it on top of her laptop. There are so many online resources now for those of us good with yarn and a hook! Thank you, Jaime, for sharing your work with our crochet community at Starting Chain.

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