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Featured Member Crochet: June 17

1016308_549472035110386_130265854_nWe’d like to thank Fancy Knots not only for posting this photo of her very beautiful and well done bag, but also for encouraging others in her comments. That’s social media. We inspire and help each other. Fancy writes that she made it with the crocodile stitch and that she learned how to do it thanks to a YouTube video. The bag is her own creation; there’s no pattern. Fancy says she just crochets and sees what happens. We love her use of the dark navy, deep red and the gold button. Thanks, Fancy, for posting and encouraging!

184409_4314582042110_1217907767_nJulaine Twete-Christensen’s sweater and hat set has been popular with our readers. She made it for her fourteenth great-grandchild!!!!! It’s in ladybug theme. It’s classy and creative and, we know, will be passed down in the generations. Thanks, Julaine, for sharing your good work with us.

8578_10201123416064491_1209359729_nDebby Avery posted this photo of her afghan a couple of weeks ago, but we wanted to make sure everyone saw it. It has the simple six pedaled flowers inside of each hex, but from a distance it looks like beautiful sparkles from a Fourth of July fireworks display. Debby writes that she made the lap sized afghan for her daughter about 2 years ago. She used “left over Red Heart super saver yarn” and used the “join-as-you-go” method. She said, in response to a question on her technique, “ I really like joining that way because it goes faster and when all the motifs are made all you have to do then is the edging.” It is beautiful and, we can tell, warm. Thanks Debby for sharing it with 24 Blocks.

993515_533563543371147_1548892421_nJudy Mohler made this sunflower afghan for their screened porch. It’s looks beautiful there! Judy writes that she loved making it. We can see why. It’s a happy afghan and reminds us of the bold and unafraid beauty of tall sunflowers.

944785_604090346276816_364033498_nGeorgeanne Altice’s afghan is just stunning in all white. The pattern is “Tree of Life”. Her post has been very popular with our readers. She writes that she got the pattern from lionbrand.com and that it also is at raveltry.com. Thanks, Georgeanne, for posting a work of art for us all to enjoy.

1012116_3129842421181_942287361_nAnd we’d like to end tonight with a reminder it’s summer and Jaws lurks. It looks like he got Stacie Ratcliff finally. She created the pattern herself, too! It’s so cute!

Thanks to all who have posted photos and encouraged others on 24 Blocks! We learn from, and inspire, each other. Yarn over!

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