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Featured Member Crochet: Just for Fun

So many of the creations posted by our readers just can’t help but make everyone who sees them smile. Here’s a sample!

This crocheted critter has his own social media presence and appears to have a lively time of it. Here’s what he says (we have no idea who his maker is…):

“Hi,I’m Frank, a crocheted character and it looks like I’m going to have a new brother or sister soon. Love all the great things that people share here.” — Life of Frank

Imaginative crocheters can always see a ball of yarn and envision something fun. We’ll be looking forward to seeing Frank’s sib soon. It looks like he/she will be a tuxedo kitty! Thanks, Frank!

It looks like the owls are lined up for something big! They were shared with us by Heike Rice.


Mary Aeschliman Schreiner made this darling dragon scarf from a Ravelry pattern that she said was also fun to make. How can anyone do anything but smile around a red dragon?!

Let’s create smiles!

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