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Featured Member Crochet: Loveys

We all know that loveys can mean so much to babies and toddlers. They are that wonderful cross between a stuffed animal and a little blanket. Their faces can delight. When done with soft crochet yarn they provide a sense of tactile comfort. Babies drool on them. Toddlers drag them around.

There are many patterns for loveys available online. There are also videos with instructions on how to make them. We’ve picked a few from our readers to show how delightful they are…even for fun for the “older children” among us!

from Kathy Taylor Spencer: “My 2nd crocheted stuffed bear lovey (girl)

Kathy shared with us photos of 3 loveys she’s recently made. A closeup of the boy bear is below. Of him she writes: “This is my 1st crocheted Stuffed Bear Lovey (boy) for my oldest daughter having her 1st baby & also this baby will be my 3rd grandson – Alex is due May 12th.

We’d also like to thank Kathy for giving the link to a Anna Phelps video on YouTube entitled “How to Crochet a Baby Blanket Stuffed Animal-Lovey Blanket“. Kathy credits the video for helping her learn how to make the bear heads.

Kathy has also been making Graduate loveys: “Crocheted & created my own “Star Grad” lovey keepsakes..since no graduation lovey(s) out there . Making girl & boy grads. “

We know they will bring smiles. New graduates need comfort, too!

from: Susan Wilkes-Baker: “Sweet monkey lovey. Pattern can be found herehttps://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/monkey-lovey”

Monkeys seem to be a favorite with the little ones! Susan’s is charming with a face that seems to want to speak. Thanks, too, Susan for giving the link to the pattern at Ravelry.

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