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Today’s Featured Chains – March 12th

from: Sarah Narramore: “A fox hat I made for a friend’s little boy.”

Sarah’s fox is the cutest we’ve ever seen! His nose and ears and big eyes are just delightful. There are a number of fox hat crochet patterns available from the major companies. You can see a Google listing of them here.

from: Jodi Lynn Scott-George: “This was a hoot..have seen so many and thought I would give it a shot.”

This is just so cute! We love all the animal hat projects that have been shared by our readers. Again, there are many owl hat patterns available. We love this one by Jodi with its droopy eyelids and big eyes!

from: Cindy Parmley Smith: “Working on an afghan for My Mom! Love the colors!”

It’s nice to see how Cindy is blocking her hexagons. It makes it so much easier to get a sides that line up just right when they are joined.

from: Cindy Huber: “I used a Lion Brand pattern as the inspiration for this afghan but made it larger by adding 2 additional colors.”

Cindy’s afghan is bright and welcoming. We’d like to thank her, too, for giving the link to the pattern she used. You can find it at Lionbrand.com.

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