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Today’s Featured Chains – March 13th

from: Shirley Rogers: “Climbing blocks.”

We’d like to thank Shirley for sharing this wonderful afghan with us. It is the crocheted form of the traditional “Tumbling Blocks” quilt pattern. Shirley also writes that the pattern comes from Maggy Ramsay’s 1987 book, Magic Motif Crochet. We love not only Shirley’s great work with this afghan, but also are appreciative that she shared the pattern source. We did a search for Ramsay’s book and it is hard to find, but copies do seem available in some bookstores. We honor copyrights so if patterns are not available online, the only way to get them is to purchase the book or get it on loan from a library. The basic idea in this design, however, is not complicated. It’s all about diagonals. The great varigated yarn on the right side of each “block” gives the feel of marbled shading. It’s just beautiful! Thank you, again, Shirley!

from: Kristi McCabe Nguyen: “I made this viking-beardo for my husband last year. As you can see, he loves it.”

We’re all for fun with crochet! Thank you so much, Kristi, for making our day more joyous! Your viking beard…and the helmet…are just nothing short of delightful. He’s a brave guy, too! And a warm one! It’s one of the cutest things we’ve seen for a long time.

from: Tina Avon Malvern: “Sweater/Dress set with bow headband I made for my great niece.”

Yes, great-nieces deserve the most beautiful crocheted dresses and jackets possible. These are beautiful, Tina!

from Muriel Oswin: “I maded this Afghan for a baby. I attached a fleece throw to the back to make it cozier. Pattern ( Rose Garden) from Red Heart booklet.”

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