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Today’s Featured Chains – March 17th

from: Alise Duerr: “Love this baby afghan I finished from the Leisure Arts Book “Colorful Cuddlers””

Alise’s baby afghan is so very well done. The colors and differing stitches & patterns live it such visual interest.

from Debra Webb Roberts: “Pattern is called ‘Under the Mulberry Tree’ out of a Vanna White crochet book. I don’t know why. The pattern is created in groupings of 3s and 5s in alternating rows. I used Lion Brand Homespun Thick and Quick, colors Barrington and Lagoon. This is a two strand afghan done in rows, not blocks. Very heavy. Began with chain of 175 stitches in order to make it large enough to cover queen bed. Began Nov 2013, took a break to finish afghan 1 (basket weave blocks) before New Years Day. Completed Jan 21″

Above is a closeup of the yarn Debra used. It shows the wonderful variation of color that can be achieved with the two strand approach. This afghan is huge and, we can tell, very warm. It is also very beautiful and will clearly last for generations.

from: Grace Heisman: “”Stormy Rainbow” sweater”

Grace’s sweater looks like it would be so stylish for a little girl! It’s just classy looking and carries the message that a rainbow can always come out of a stormy sky!

Thanks to Grace, Debra, Alise and everyone else who has shared their love of crochet and creativity with our community at Starting Chain. Yarn Over!

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