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Featured Member Crochet: March 28

Good afternoon from Starting Chain! Today we’re featuring some crochet shared with us by our readers. All either would be great for Easter or any Spring time celebration. One, a delightful cake, could be part of a birthday celebration or any decoration for a fun get-together. We would like to send our praise to the creators. They are artists.

from: Shirley Strand: “A new Easter Egg Doily. I got the pattern online at OrientalMom. I used mint green (cebelia), Aunt Lydia’s Monet, Yellow, Coral, and Lavender. I made a ton of mistakes & altered the pattern a bit…. but it will work for me. :-)”

from Ken-Sarah Moss: “I have a very sweet daughter who appreciates crochet as much as I do! I made her this full-size crochet cake for her 5th birthday that includes interchangeable Velcro toppings. I used a free pattern for the cake I found online here: https://www.normalynn.info/basiccakerecipepattern.html”

from: Lena Kozak: “Bunny hat for baby boy”

from: Marilyn Fish: “This is my latest project! This bunny would be cute for Easter, or as a cute gift for baby. Here is the link for the pattern: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/one-skein-bunny”

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