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Featured Member Crochet: May 13

Hello again from Starting Chain. We love to celebrate the creative work done by members of our crochet community. So, here are three we’ve selected to feature this morning. We hope you enjoy them.

Thanks go to Robin, Dean and Cheryl for sharing them with us.

from: Robin Sosenko Phillips: “Made from one my grandma Sosenko did, by counting the stitches!! I think she would be proud.”

Robin’s panel for her door is just marvelous! It’s classic filet crochet but we know that the horse was exacting to do. We love, too, the squares used at the top and bottom. The whole work is beautiful and we know it is stunning with the light shining through!

Filet crochet is a time-honored technique dating back at least to the 19th century. It’s based on a grid system sometimes using charts instead of patterns. The filet is accomplished with the use, generally, of double crochet stitches for the filled in block and simple chains for the open ones. There are many online tutorials and books and magazine articles on filet crochet. One very interesting thing about it is that it is actually easier than it looks. It’s the ideal way to create charming panels for decor, decorative edgings and some lace-like effects for vintage-looking embellishments or inserts for clothing.

from: Dean Barnett: “Afghan made for my daughter”

Dean’s afghan looks perfect with this French toile inspired bedroom!

from: Cheryl Flanders: “Made this for our first great-grandchild due in July. The pattern is Bright as a Button by FeltedButton (on Ravelry). Her patterns are awesome!”

We’d like to thank Cheryl for sharing with us all the source for the pattern she used is this darling afghan. It’s such a lively and cheerful work and has the depth and feel that little ones love!

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