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Featured Member Crochet: May 16

There’s just so much variety in the kinds of projects we can do with crochet. From the traditional to the cutting-edge modern, from useful afghans and baby clothes to just fun and the whimsical…it’s all possible.

Here are three we’ve selected to feature. We like to highlight what our readers have done so that we all can say “Beautiful” or “How Creative!”

from: Peta Kapor Thompson: “This is my second Cathedral Rose Afghan …. Love the end result of this pattern. Now I want to design a new pattern…”

There are many commercially available patterns for Cathedral Rose Window afghans including those at Ravelry and Annie’s. Patterns have also been featured in major crochet magazines over the years. The patterns produce vibrant afghans. There’s also great potential for individual creativity. The result is, like the original windows, inspiring.

from: Yo-y MisKosas: “My little idea. :)”

We always love seeing Yo-y’s creativity and great photography. This is just darling! Notice the cat as a faux handle!

from: Melanie Goody: “My first mandala pattern by Zootyowl xx”

We think this is the Starflower Mandala on Zooty Owl. It looks like it would be much fun to do. We found the pattern with very good photoshere.

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