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Featured Member Crochet: May 3 Afternoon

Hello from Starting Chain. We know it’s Derby Day and a lot of readers, especially from Kentucky, may either be at Churchill or watching the preview on TV, but it’s a good time for some crochet inspiration. We always can do some crochet any time there’s an excuse to sit down!

Today we’d like to show one afghan made in the fantastic African Flower design, two sweet blankets for little ones, and one wonderful spring dress for a little girl. We can all say “Great Work!” to their creators.

from Diane Groenewold Bright: “Working on African Flower”.

If you haven’t had fun with the hexagonal African Flower motif yet, there are many tutorials online on how to make them.

from Lisa Snyder: “Just finished this dress for my grand daughter. now to make the slip for under it.”

from: Sharmayne Mcwalters: “Made these two blankets for my two grandsons”

These are so beautiful! Love the use of fringe.

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