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Featured Member Crochet: November 14

Hello from Starting Chain. We are site for people who love to crochet, to share photos of their projects, to discuss crocheting and to be inspired by each other. We love everything from traditional Irish lace to cutting-edge modern crochet. There’s just something about crochet that seems to quiet the soul while giving all kinds of opportunities for creativity.

Crocheters who have “liked” our Starting Chain Facebook page can upload photos and join in discussions. If you’d like to post a photo, just come to our Facebook page and upload your photo. Give as much description as you can. If you used a pattern, please give the pattern name and source. If it’s your own design, let us know that, too…we love creativity! Information about yarns and any construction details would be really helpful to other readers, too. We especially like hearing about inspiration and crochet done for family or friends or for charity. It’s a talent that warms the heart and we want to share those stories.

We like to periodically pick out a few examples of crochet, done by our readers, to feature. They show the wide variety of crochet that is possible…and the beauty. We hope you enjoy tonight’s selection….

from: Donna Galanthia: “Close up of coat finished for customer today at Hook An Needle”

We’ve all really enjoyed seeing the beautiful work done by Donna over at Hook and Needle. She uses color beautifully and embellishes in such a delightful way. Yes, simple chains can be stems and the outlines of leaves. Flowers and hearts would make any little girl, or a big one at that, feel very special. Thanks, Donna, for sharing your creativity with us all.

from: Sonia Fajdic: “Hi!I am a Border Collies breeder and trainer…and a crocheter!!!!”

The transfer of scenes to crochet can really achieve a custom work of art and we’d like to thank Sonia for showing us her beautiful creation. Notice the sheep in the distance and the flowers bordering the gate. The gentle collie is watching his flock…ever mindful even when not “on duty”. In addition to the beauty of the scene, we love the border and tassles that Sonia used.

Creating a pictoral scene in crochet is made easier when the same stitch is used throughout. We know there are several methods for creating a pattern, with many people using the tried-and-true method of using graph paper to sketch out the design in colored pencils. There are also computer programs that create patterns; some are also for cross-stitch or knitting.

from: Eloisa Granela: “my sister lost her hair from chemo and I made this beanie with hair attached at center with matching scarf”

Eloisa has created beauty for her sister. Thank you so much, Eloisa, for sharing it with all of us at Starting Chain. Your idea is a great one and we love the colors you selected for the hat and scarf. They will be warm…and very stylish! Give our very best to your sister and our hopes for a good recovery.

from: Sarah-jayne Barton: “Day 10 and finished another blanket for the elderly”

For the past 10 days Sarah-Jayne has posted photo of her daily progress on this blanket. She does crochet for the elderly. Every day her post has brought our readers smiles. She did not use a pattern. Thank you, Sarah-Jane, for showing that crochet can come from the heart, every day.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their work on Starting Chain. Keep on moving that hook. Yarn over.

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