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Featured Member Crochet: November 16

Hello again from Starting Chain. We hope that everyone has been able to get in a bit of crochet today. Many of our readers have recently uploaded darling photos of some of their fun projects. This is just a sampling. We hope they bring smiles! Crochet may be the easiest art form to make fanciful whimsy or something as practical as a hideaway for a fanciful cat! We know, too, there’s nothing more joyful than a toddler’s smiles!

from Gracie Strange: “This is a cat nest I made from a pattern I found online. The opening is reinforced with hanger wire.

This is adorable! Thanks, Gracie, for sharing it with us all at Starting Chain. We did a Google search online using the term “crocheted cat nest pattern” and several links came up. Readers who want to make this can also search on “crocheted cat cave” for even more. It looks like there are several ways to do it. Looks like fun!

from: Jayne Legato Barnes: “Hello Kitty made for my sisters granddaughter”

from: Cathy Dietrich: “My latest creation/donation to “Cookies with Santa””

We love seeing projects that are going to good causes. They will bring smiles in many ways!

from Tammy Furno Murray: “I make lots of hats! Here is one I made this week. I was asked to make a horse hat based on a photo of an actual horse!”

from: Sherry Carpenter: “Busy making turkey hats for Thanksgiving!”

There’s nothing like a toddler ready for fall and Thanksgiving. Thanks so much Sherry for sharing this darling photo.

Thanks to everyone else, too, who has shared the fun of their creativity with all of us. We do inspire each other…and bring smiles!

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