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Featured Member Crochet: November 18

Starting Chain is a social media community of people who just love to crochet and talk about crocheting. We like to promote crochet with all its wide possibilities for creativity. We love everything from traditional Irish Lace to cutting edge whimsy. We especially like seeing works that are made for charity or for family or friends…and those made by new crocheters.

Crocheters are free to share photos of their own work and comment on the work of others. If you’d like to share your work, just come to the Starting Chain Facebook page and upload a photo. If you used a pattern, please give credit to the pattern creator by giving the name of the pattern and its source. Readers always like hearing about construction details such as type of yarn used and hook size. We love stories of inspiration and gratitude.

We do at Starting Chain want to foster respect for the copyrighted work of pattern creators and the investment of companies that make those patterns available. Patterns can be found online from a wide variety of companies and, of course, are available in magazines and books. We ask that crocheters who post at Starting Chain do respect copyrights and give credit where credit is due.

We also, of course, love original work. There are so many possiblities for just creating something new and fresh and fun. Crochet is an art and art evolves.

Here are a few samples of work recently shared with us. The comments are in the crocheters own words.

from: Kyrie Hardy Isbell: “Scarf I am working on as a set with skirt, fingerless gloves, and possibly a sweater. I need to block it and decide whether or not to add fringe to the bottom.”

From Ester Cifuentes

from: Tina Harley: “I just finished this today. I made it for the Fantasy Nascar group i am in. I did Entrelac stitch in the center and single crochet the rest with a little chaining for the edging.”

from: Janine McLoughlin Hickey: “Our little man Pippin the Papillon-wearing the sweater Mommy made him…….”

Thanks to everyone who has shared their love of crochet! Yarn Over!

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