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Featured Member Crochet: November 23

Since a crochet project can take awhile to make we thought we’d go ahead tonight and show some of the more Christmas holiday types of crochet that have been shared with our readers. Maybe between turkey bastings this Thursday we can do some crochet in the spirit and colors of Christmas.

from: Karen Manuel: “I made a gingerbread house from a Mary Maxim pattern.”

We love gingerbread houses and can’t wait to make one, too. We found the Mary Maxim pattern that Karen used, plus some other ones. They all look so good. For those of you who would like to look at the choices that are available, here’s the Google search result listing for “crochet gingerbread house pattern“. It’s so darling, and we won’t be tempted to eat the house before Christmas!

from: Lynne Williams: “Nice set for Christmas, made in double knitting wool”

Lynn’s work is always so pleasing to see and so finely done. Of course there are many, many patterns available for baby sweaters and caps. Crocheters have been doing little sweaters and bonnets since the very beginning of crochet. Besides all the patterns available online, there are vintage patterns in books that can be checked out from the library…or picked up at thrift shops and even antique shops/flea markets.

from: Bobbi Jo Ward: “Made this little beanie for my great niece!”

We just liked how the decoration on Bobbi’s little hat looked a bit like a snowflake. The tan color on the red looks elegant, too!

Thanks to everyone who shares their crochet creativity! Yarn Over!

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