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Featured Member Crochet: November 5

Good Morning from Starting Chain. With the weather getting chillier, its a good time to think about new crochet projects. It’s always fun, too, to see the work of other crocheters. We can say a big “Bravo” for good, and interesting, art done with yarn and a hook. Here are some for your enjoyment and inspiration…

We’ve really enjoyed seeing the work recently posted by Donna Galanthia. Her work shows the skill that reached its height in Ireland over a hundred and fifty years ago, the type of skill that with much practice can create beauty without using printed patterns. Her crocheted cardigan uses the colors that are perfect for fall and would bring a cheerful warmth. Donna writes that did not use a pattern for it, making it up as she went along. She adds, also, that she used chunky wool from King Cole. Thank you, Donna, for sharing your creative spirit with Starting Chain… The buttons are perfect, too!

It was good to see this hooded scarf, in a lovely aqua, shared with us by Sandra Cogdill. Hooded scarfs are warm and practical and can be very beautiful when made like Sandra’s. For a while, probably in the 1970’s, hooded scarfs tended to have short ends that were meant to just cross over under a coat’s neckline…and they seemed to be favored more by older ladies on city streets. Now they are generous, creating a hood that has almost a medieval feel, and with long scarf ends that can be wrapped in very fashionable ways. Sandra’s work shows all this and we’d like to thank her, too, for giving the source for the pattern. It came from a book called Hooded Scarves: 5 Fast Crochet Designs that she picked up at Walmart.


Chilly mornings, especially when we’re trying to cut down on heating costs, call for some warm slippers. These surely fit the bill! They were made by La Mia Famiglia for a friend. She writes that she found the soles at Michaels and that the pattern came with them. We’ve also found a good number of slipper patterns online. We can keep warm in style and they do make great gifts.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their love of crochet with Starting Chain. Stay tuned for more featured works, all done by our readers. Yarn Over!

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