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Featured Member Crochet: November 8

At Starting Chain we really like to highlight the great variety of projects that are possible with crochet…from traditional to cutting-edge modern. The work we feature comes from our readers. We especially like seeing crochet that is done for our own families, for gifts or for charity. It’s all about celebrating a centuries old craft and the creativity it inspires.

We welcome those who love crochet to upload photos of your non-commercial work to our Starting Chain Facebook page. If you used a pattern, readers always want to know the pattern name and source. We love, also, work done without a pattern and all stories of inspiration. Construction details, level of difficulty and information about yarn is also appreciation. We learn from, and inspire, each other.

Here are a few works of crochet that have recently been shared with us by our readers. We hope you enjoy them.

1383789_10151975401343703_2090905142_nAs we all know, smaller “structural bags” are back in style. While many crocheted bags have frequently been of the hobo style, it is possible to get some cutting-edge structure like Kelley Miller has done with soda tabs and red and purple yarn. We love it. Aluminum and yarn.

Kelley writes that she did not use a pattern, humbly saying she “couldn’t follow one anyway”, but gave a summary of her basic technique: “I take soda can tabs and crochet them together. I single stitch a row as long as I want the purse wide, then double stitch back to make a lining as I go.

Notice the soda tabs for the clasp, too. Thanks, Kelley, for showing your work to us all here at Starting Chain.


Catherine Adkins writes, “For my mom’s friend… Again, no real pattern.” We love crocheted flowers! They always bring smiles.


Alice Rouch crocheted this lovely bed jacket without a pattern. We love the differing granny squares and how she used simple yarn as fasteners. It’s beautiful enough to be worn as a sweater, but we can see how much it could be appreciated by anyone who needs an attractive cover-up as a bed jacket. With the evenings getting chillier, too, we could see a jacket like this while watching TV or reading. Thanks, Alice, for sharing your work with us.

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