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Featured Member Crochet: October 17 Morning

Good Morning from Starting Chain! This morning we’d like to share some photos of wearable crochet posted and shown by our readers. With fall coming on its a good time to think of how we can stay warmer. Plus, we all feel good wearing what we make–even when it is for fun!

This lovely off-center shaw was posted by Crochet Villa. We’ve never seen one like this and think it is very stylish.

1374845_10200507251275967_1921365051_n“Justfinished this scarf from Stitch Nation. It’s called ‘Taffy Pull Scarf’ and I used Vanna’s Choice yarns. In raspberry, bright pink, green and navy blue. Pattern is available on michaels.com. Just search for it!Noel Hinton

1383686_10201587643027160_1311026332_nCrocheters always know how to have fun! Jacqui Mayman shows off her owl hat. We love it…love the use of what looks like gemstones or large sequins to give it a bit of sparkle. It’ll be warm and there’s really no use, when winter comes on, in being dull. Jacqui also noted that she didn’t use a pattern, but adapted others she had.

Thanks Jacqui, Noel and Crochet Villa for sharing your crochet with our community at Starting Chain. Yarn Over!

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