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Featured Member Crochet: October 3 Morning

At Starting Chain we like to highlight the many types of crochet done by our readers. From traditional heirloom techiques to very modern whimsey, we love it all. It’s always nice to see creativity from crocheters who pick up yarn and hook like generations have done before. Here are some examples, selected from recent reader posts. We hope they inspire.

Cheryl Flanders shared with us this photo of her wonderful African Flower Afghan. One of the nice things about the African Flower pattern, like Granny Squares, is that it allows for the use of scrap yarn. It creates an effect, when done, that is a lot like the hexagon-based quilt called Grandmother’s Flower Garden. There are many sources available online for finding the African Flower pattern and instructions. Cheryl writes that, after making the flowers, she used a flat braid join and a winged border. The overall effect is very beautiful and cheerful. Thank you, Cheryl, for your post.

Niki Porter made this beautiful afghan seven years ago and submitted to her state fair. It was the first time she had ever submitted a work to a state fair and she won a blue ribbon for it! She writes,

“Thepattern for it is located in the book “Herrshners Blue Ribbon Afghans“,page 46, titled “Artful Aztec.” My mother chose the colors which changed the entire feeling of the afghan; gave it more of a Native American theme to it. Took me nearly 2 years to complete and had 13 skeins of yarn tied into it at the same time due to all of the color drops and pick ups.

We all know that good things take time. Niki’s work is a work of art. Thank you, Niki, for sharing it and your pattern source with us all at Starting Chain.

One of the nice things about crocheted baby clothes and blankets is that they can be used from generation to generation. They help form stories that get treasured in families. We can bring out pieces and say “You wore this as a baby” or “Your mother came home from the hospital in this” or “This crocheted blanket was made by a friend of your Grandmother’s.” The pieces lovingly crocheted in years past seem to hold memories. Janine Hickey is helping to keep that tradition alive. She posted this photo of the sleeved baby bunting set worn by her two youngest children over 20 years ago. She’s saving it for the first grandchild. It is beautiful, Janine, and we’d like to thank you for sharing it with us.

And we’d like to end this morning with a bit of fun. Victoria Harmon got this great photo a few days ago at her local WalMart. She commented, “Someone is very clever!” We agree! Thanks, Victoria, for helping to give us a smile.

Happy Crochet today. Keep on chaining.

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