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Featured Member Crochet: September 17

We always love to see the crochet creativity of our readers at Starting Chain. Sometimes people use patterns, sometimes they just experiment and come up with something that is completely unique. We celebrate every way that crocheted beauty is created. Here are a few done recently by our readers..for your inspiration. The captions are in their own words…

Justfinished this large baby blanket. The pattern name is ‘Darling Ripples’ from Leisure Arts. Mine came out to be 54″ long and 44″ wide. I used Red Heart Baby Econo Pompadour yarn in white, blue and yellow. https://www.leisurearts.com/products/darling-ripple-crochet-baby-afghan-pattern-digital-download.html” — Joanne Kundra

We’d like to thank Joanne not just for sharing her beautiful, and large, baby blanket with us all, but also for giving such good pattern information. It’s a lovely creation and we know it will be treasured by the baby’s family for decades.

“Another super-fun project that I made for my son!Thepattern was a freebie on Ravelry that I tweaked a bit to fit my son. Ican no longer remember the name of the pattern but if you type in “bearded hat” many, many options come up.” — Mary Aeschliman Schreiner

Note: We can imagine that this hat, with the beard, can be nicely warm in the winter. It’s a very creative and fun thing. We’d also like to remind our readers that prices on commercial patterns can frequently change. Today’s free pattern may have a charge tomorrow– or the other way around. Now we just need a ladies’s version of the bearded hat!


“…I want to share my last creation. I used a tutorial on YouTube to get measurements but the design is all mine. I still need to add 2 1/8th inch ribbon bows below the shoulder strap and a row of little flowers going down the center. I guess I’ll post it again after I decorate it, but I couldn’t wait to post my creation.“– Noemi La Montijo Morales

It’s always good to see creative work and we just love the very full skirt on this lovely pink dress. We’ll be looking forward to seeing it with the ribbons and little flowers, too!

Thanks to everyone who has shared their work with our crocheting community. We hope we all are helping keep a long tradition vibrant.

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