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Featured Member Crochet: September 24 Fashion

This morning we’d like to highlight some recent crochet projects, posted by our readers, that have a hint of fall fashion. We share pattern and construction information when it’s given. Many things our readers post, however, are original designs or modifications of standard patterns. Since Starting Chain is a social media page on Facebook, we do encourage interaction. You can follow the link we give with each project and ask the creator questions as well as say “Beautiful!”. The great part of social media is that it helps build a community of people who share interests and, hopefully, help promote crochet and creativity!

Since all of us in the Starting Chain community are obviously pretty good with computers, too, we know the value of looking good at the keyboard. Crocheted fingerless gloves, wrist cuffs and rings just add a touch of romance, almost Victorian, to any kind of outfit. Plus, they can keep our hands a bit warmer in chilly offices! We’d like to thank Crochet Villa for posting this very nice example.

It’s hard to go wrong with a new shawl, large scarf or wrap in a neutral color in the fall. This one, by Deborah Crump-Cook, is clearly elegant and versatile. She writes,

“Thisis a Cluster V-Stitch Wrap from a pattern. Skill level is intermediate.Some of the instructions were a bit confusing but I managed to make it.The pattern came from a book of Lotus Leaf Wraps.”

We found a book from Annie’s Attic on Lotus Leaf Wraps. The design seems to give just enough warmth, and coverage, for a fall day or evening. Thanks, Deborah, for sharing your work with us all.

Don’t you just love the size and shape on this bag made by Cheryl Nichols? We love the color, too. One reader thought it also would be darling in a fall color with mushrooms as the decoration. We can imagine all kinds of variations. Cheryl got the pattern via Favecrafts.com. It’s simply called “Drawstring Flower Bag”. Thanks, Cheryl for sharing such a great photo, too!

So, we have to ask the question, what kinds of crochet are you going to do to make fall a bit more fashionable…and warm?

If you’d like to share a photo of your crochet work with our community, just come to Starting Chain on Facebook and upload a photo like you would on your own timeline. If you used a pattern our readers always like to know the pattern name and source and the level of difficulty. Any information you can give about the kind of yarn you used and the time it took to create would also be helpful. We have a warm spot for blankets, afghans and other projects that are made for charity or for gifts, and for hearing the stories that go with creating for others.

Happy Crocheting. Yarn Over!

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