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Featured Member Crochet: September 30

We hope you enjoy tonight’s featured crochet projects, all done by our readers. We love to show the wide range of creativity that crochet allows.

If you’d like to share a photo of your work with our crochet community, just come to the Starting Chain Facebook page and upload a photo like you would on your own timeline. If you used a pattern, our readers always appreciate learning the pattern name and source. We also, of course, really love work that comes from the imagination of the creator without a pattern! Please share as much information as you can about yarn used and any hints on construction. We especially love heirloom designs and antique and vintage crochet that tells family stories. It’s all a part of the yarns of life.

“Red…White…& Blue afghan.” — Tammy Carlton.

Note: Tammy graciously gave the pattern name and source in a comment to her post. The pattern name is “Drop in the Pond” laprobe from bethintx.m.webs.com. Thanks, Tammy! This pattern and color combination would be super for crochet done for veterans or active duty soldiers.

“Madefor my grandson…Used an old pattern theme by WonderArt Creative Needlecrafts then sketched out ideas from different pictures...” — Rhonda Mills

Karen Sibley just said “Sandwich” when she uploaded this photo of her delightful crochet creation. We laughed and laughed. Not everything has to be practical. We can have fun with crochet, too, making what looks like a ham and cheese here with lettuce and tomato on white bread! Ha! Love it! Karen also posted some crocheted waffles. Thank you, Karen, for bringing a smile on this Monday!

The coming of fall is a good time for crochet. We wish you all Happy Chaining! Yarn Over!

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