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Featured Member Crochet: Septemeber 12

We love showing the great variety of the beautiful works of crochet made by our readers. If you’d like to share a photo of something you’ve crocheted, for yourself or family or as a gift, just come to the Starting Chain Facebook page and upload a photo, giving as much description as possible. If you used a pattern our readers always like hearing about the name and source. Construction details about the type of yarn, level of difficulty and any stories of inspiration are also really appreciated. We really like hearing, too, about crochet done for charity.

Here are some examples of lovely crochet work recently posted by readers like you. We hope they inspire!

“This is an afghan I made for my friends daughters baby shower. The pattern came from Raverly. Lazy Daisy Blanket!Pamela Burkett

Made by Yo-y MisKosas

“Thisdress was inspired by a baby christening gown that I made earlier this year. I loved the pattern in the bottom of the gown and wanted to see ifI could incorporate it in a dress and this is what I came up with. I did not use a pattern this was worked as I went so I did a lot of trialand error.Michelle Moore

Ok, crocheters…are you ready to try a new type of project? We’ve seen a traditional baby blanket, a darling toy and a stylish dress tonight. What project comes next for you?

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