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The Big Fringe Triangle Scarf Doesn’t Just Look Great, It’s Super Comfy Too!

Okay, okay, we will be honest, we have been on a bit of a scarf kick if you haven’t quite noticed lately, but if you ask us, it is always the right time to make a scarf! Whether we are preparing ourselves for the colder months to come, making sure we have enough layers in the middle of the winter, or coming up with our own light scarves perfect for summer, it’s always the right time for scarves!

Now, if you ask us, there’s nothing better then wrapping up in a warm, cozy scarf on a cold autumn day, especially if you made the scarf yourself! In the following tutorial from The Crochet Crowd, learn how to make this Big Fringe Triangle Scarf. It’s essentially like making a granny triangle, if you will, and it looks great. AND, you can follow along to the tutorial with this free pattern!


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