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Fun with Crochet

Crochet makes it so easy to create works of art that are fun, that bring smiles. Tonight we’d like to feature just a few of the many delightful examples that have recently been shared with us by our community members at Starting Chain.

from: Dorothy Harrington: “Items crocheted in Spain for friends”

This is an amazingly beautiful display that Dorothy has shared with us. Notice the crocheted stool covers, too. We can just imagine how beautiful it is there in Spain! Love that kittycat in the back!

from: Esther Hardie: “”Three of my latest creatures…””

Esther’s work is darling and her dolls clearly show good British style!

from: Helen Potts: “This is one of my designs. I was making other dolls and someone asked me if I could do baseball dolls!!”

Looks like we have some fans of the Boston Red Sox! They are so cute. They even are holding tiny baseball bats made of crochet!

from: Heidi Harper: “Brand new doggie sweater for the brand new doggie.”

He knows he’s well dressed. It is so cute!

Thanks to everyone who has shared photos of their work and their obvious enjoyment of using their art to bring joy and smiles.

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