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This Glover Stitch Blanket Will Keep You Warm And Cozy In Style!

If there is one thing we learn every time the cold weather rolls around, it is that you can never have too many blankets. (If you are like us, this may also be a necessity during the warmer months if you live with someone who turns the AC way up to freeze you out!) Staying warm and cozy is always a must during the colder months, but doing it in style? That is just icing on the cake, and that is exactly what you get with this gorgeous Glover Stitch blanket!

Follow along with the free pattern and the tutorial below, both courtesy of Meladora’s Creations For Crochet, and try it out yourself. They make great gifts, but make sure you plan on making more than one if you plan on giving it away, because (trust us) you’re going to want to keep one for yourself!


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