She Crochets A Big Granny Square, You’re Going To Love What She Makes!


Recently, we have featured some great tutorials on bags, but we have to admit, that this one might be our favorite yet.

Using the tried and true granny square, Wooly Wonders Crochet shows us how to make a granny square backpack! Oh yes, you heard us right on that one, a backpack! Even better, this backpack can be any size (it really just depends on how big you decide to make your granny square) and is also a great opportunity to try out a new motif.

We just know you all are going to love this beautiful backpack and be looking to take it on your next trip or your favorite teenager may be asking for their own to bring to school, so we won’t keep you much longer, just go ahead and check out the following tutorial, and give it a try!


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