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Have You Heard Of A Granny Triangle? Learn How To Make One Here!

Think of all the great projects you can make with a granny square. There is really no doubt why crocheters all love it so much and just can’t seem to get enough!

Well, we are here to tell you that now, you make all of those projects but with a great new look!

Introducing the Granny Triangle.

It is simple, quick, and a fun alternative to the granny square. Plus, it allows you to sew a few together to make one large granny square with a variety of different colors!

Follow along with the tutorial below from Fiber Flux (or follow along with the photo/written instructions here) and give it a shot! As always, when you are done, be sure to take a picture and show us how you decided to put your new found skills to the test in a project!


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