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Happiness in Vibrant Crochet

Sometimes the colors of the wonderful yarns that are now available just say “Happy”. Tonight we’ve selected a few afghans and blankets that are just plain lively and vibrant. The winter may be hard, but these will brighten anyone’s days!

All are from our readers. If you’d like to share your crochet work with us, just come to theStarting Chain Facebook page and upload a clear photo. Please describe the piece as well as possible. If you used a pattern, please give the pattern name and source. We always want to honor pattern creators. We also love crochet that is done without a pattern and want to celebrate creativity. Please tell us, too, stories of inspiration. We especially love crochet made for gifts or for charity, and vintage pieces made by ancestors or rescued from shops or sales.

Starting Chain is all about promoting our craft of crochet and supporting each other with inspiration, beauty and information.

from Susan Smith: “The Wendy Blanket (in progress) using Stylecraft Special DK

Susan’s work is just very beautiful. Her blending of color, moving from the rich warm to the cool tones, is entrancing. The Wendy Blanket pattern is available at Ravelry. It was originally designed by Wendy de Haas and published in Sweet Apple Designs. “DK” stands for Double Knit yarn.

We can just imagine how lovely this is going to be when completed!

from: AK Crafts: “New Love from AK Crafts 🙂 … you have such a lovely page … I finished a Happy Blanket few weeks ago …. wishing you all a happy day”

from Sara Skaggs: “Amish Afghan: I’ve been working on this for over 20 years. I got discouraged when I put them together wrong when I was younger, had 3 boys running around. Now it’s complete. I’m so happy!

Most of us know what it’s like to put a project “away” for years and years. They seem to call out whenever we stumble across them in a closet or a drawer. Sara’s is lovely and we can’t see any place where it was put together wrong! Besides, a piece that has taken years has its own stories. This one tells of three little boys and 20 years. It will be treasured for generations.

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