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This Heart Key Chain Is So Adorable, And You’ll Never Guess What’s Used To Make It!

Can we be honest for a moment? We are so excited about this tutorial that we can barely contain ourselves!

This heart key chain is a project that has everything we love: a cute design, a simple pattern, and it uses recycled material. Seriously, does it get any better than that?

Now, you might be thinking, what recycled material could possibly be turned into something this cute? Well, the answer is pop tabs! No, we are definitely not kidding!

In the following tutorial from PetiteCharmCafe, learn how to turn your pop tabs into something fabulous. See for yourself!

We think these cute key chains make for a great gift or for the little ones in your life to give to their best friends! Who needs friendship necklaces anymore when you can have a matching homemade key ring with your very best friend?


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