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How to Untangle Yarn (and Keep It Untangled)

Much like crocheting, the art of untangling yarn involves patience and a bit of creativity!

Before you start untangling your yarn, do a little bit of a cost-benefit analysis ñ how tangled is the yarn, and how much time will it take to untangle? If the yarn itself is easy to find and didn’t cost that much, it might not be worth spending several hours trying to untangle. Think of how much crocheting you could do in that time!

If the yarn is worth the time and effort, then consider these helpful suggestions for untangling it ñ some people even find that the untangling process can be a calming task.

How to Untangle Yarn (and Keep It Untangled)

  • Do something else while you’re untangling.

    As Yarn Obsession explains, untangling yarn can be a tedious task ñ and you don’t want frustration to get the better of you. Instead, assume it will take a good chunk of time and plan on multi-tasking to keep you busy ñ watch TV or a movie, listen to an audio book or music, or catch up with friends on the phone. Patience is key when untangling yarn, and keeping calm helps everything go smoothly.

  • Consider cutting out the knots.

    If you can use smaller pieces in projects, then consider pulling out pieces of yarn until they get stuck, and then cut the knots. This will speed up the untangling process, and you could even measure the smaller pieces if you know exactly what sizes you need for a separate project.

  • Find an end and start re-wrapping.

    If you’ve decided to dive into this process, then try to find an end and start carefully untangling loops. Make sure you’re re-wrapping it carefully so it won’t tangle again ñ consider using an empty toilet paper roll or paper towel roll for this, or simply rolling it carefully into a ball.

  • Weave new yarn into your project.

    Yahoo! Voices offers a few great options for this ñ start a new skein of the same yarn, or use a different color yarn and creatively weave it into your current project. This is a good option if your yarn got tangled mid-project, and you don’t want to untangle it or have been having trouble untangling it.

Curious how to keep yarn from getting tangled in the first place? All Free Crochet users have tons of clever ideas, from soda bottles to plastic bags to deep vases that prevent the yarn balls from rolling around very much.

These clever ideas ñ like putting yarn in a plastic Ziploc bag and cutting a hole in the corner to guide the yarn ñ are innovative and ingenious ways to reuse whatever is around the house.

Consider what it’s worth to untangle the yarn, make sure to re-wrap it carefully while untangling, and think about how to prevent tangles in the first place ñ especially keeping it somewhere that’s tough for a pet to play with it. And if your yarn does get tangled, don’t sweat it ñ it could actually be a little relaxing to untangle it!

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