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I Love The Way This Close Chevron Stitch Looks!

I don’t quite know about you, but right now, I am seriously chevron obsessed! I love that is totally trendy as it has brought about so many new projects that incorporate that chevron vibe.

Now, if you are looking for a way to bring more color into your next project and jump on the ever so popular chevron train before it passes you by, may we suggest the Close Chevron stitch? As long as you know how to do a few basic stitches, it is really quite simple!

I hope you will check out the following video tutorial from New Stitch A Day, or follow along with the written instructions here, and take a stab at this Close Chevron stitch yourself! Grab your hook, some yarn and happy crocheting!

As always be sure to show us how your project looks when you’re done; we can’t wait to see!


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