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July 2 – Featured Crochet on Starting Chain

from: Janine McLoughlin Hickey: “I call this ‘monstrosity’ Granny Meets Goth-my one daughter, who runs a NY art gallery, asked me to make one of those infamous TP Hat Covers and go wild….the only thing missing are the three sparkly black plastic spiders I added just before I sent it off to her-knowing my daughter, it does NOT sit on her toilet tank lol……”

from: Jody Coburn Wells: “My grandson is in culinary school and I thought this would fit his career”

from: Sherry Duncan: “I live in Kansas, so I made a Sunflower doily.”

from: Niki Porter PorterCreations: “This afghan was the very first project I ever submitted to the state fair 7 years ago, got a blue ribbon for it. The pattern for it is located in the book “Herrshners Blue Ribbon Afghans,” page 46, titled “Artful Aztec.” My mother chose the colors which changed the entire feeling of the afghan; gave it more of a Native American theme to it. Took me nearly 2 years to complete and had 13 skeins of yarn tied into it at the same time due to all of the color drops and pick ups.”

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