June 15 – Featured Crochet on Starting Chain

from: Susan Wilkes-Baker: “What a neat way to cover your golf club drivers. Fun and funky. Pattern can be found here https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/golf-club-covers-combo-pack—six-patterns”

from: Rhonda Ahart: “This pattern is free on Ravelry”

from: Rhonda Ahart: “This was a gift for a friend”

from: Starting Chain: “From Jenny Giertz: “Saw this cute little blankie/lovey from a Hobby Lobby flyer. Made the blanket in a shell and cluster stitch instead of just a plain single crochet though. :)”Come see more crochet at -> https://startingchain.com”

Bride Crochets Her Own Wedding Dress In Memory Of Her Grandmother. And It Only Cost Her $30!: Click “Next Page” below!