June 18 – Today’s Featured Chains

from: Yolanda Coston Murphy: “new booties”

from: Linda M Toth: “New Hand Crochet Elephant Hat !!”

from: Linda Babin: “Finally finished my spread, I used #5 Handicrafter crochet thread a size 3 hook to enlarge the squares (actually more than I intended, should have checked my gage) and didn’t use the fringe shown in the pattern which can be found here along with a lot of other lovely spreads:https://freevintagecrochet.com/crochet-pattern/bedspread-patterns”

from: Peta Kapor Thompson: “Just finished …. 3d stitch for baby blanket with an owly twist.”

Bride Crochets Her Own Wedding Dress In Memory Of Her Grandmother. And It Only Cost Her $30!: Click “Next Page” below!