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June 23 – Featured Crochet on Starting Chain

from: Bethany Hamilton: “A Tetris inspired afghan I crocheted for my sister. Made with over 150 granny squares. “

from: Mandy Iceman-Atterholt: “A set I make with a variation of several patterns. I usually look through several patterns and then elements to make the finished product.. “

from: Flo Iglehart: “Easter Egg Parade 2014 Which egg will win first place in the Easter Egg Parade? Which is your favorite? I love crocheting and made these egg covers over the last couple of years. Twelve of the designs came from a book given to me about 5 years ago …. “Crocheted Eggs” by Helen Nissen, printed in 1992 by Leisure Arts. I found a copy of the book for sale on E-Bay. Some other designs were found on the Internet by doing a Google search for free crocheted egg covers, also on Pinterest, Etsy, or other crochet sites. “

from: Lisa Krolasik: “I designed these cat toys I call Mouse Eggs abut a year ago. They are made with cotton yarn and fit over a particular size of plastic Easter egg. I put bells or catnip in them, Cats love them! I have a Facebook page called Zoe Blue’s Mama’s Designs and they are one of the items I sell to raise money for cat shelters. “

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