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Know The Lingo: What Do These Terms/Abbreviations Mean?

If you are new to crocheting, chances are a lot of your first projects will come from a pattern. But how do you read a pattern when it is full of terminology you might not have come across before? We totally get it…

You decide to pick up crochet, knowing full well that you will be learning a new skill and various techniques, but then you are also hit with a bunch of confusing words and abbreviations that you maybe weren’t expecting; it can be a lot and very overwhelming.

We are happy to say that today we have just the video for you! Get to know the most common abbreviations and terms you will see in crochet patterns with this wonderful video from Melanie Ham of iheartstitching. Check it out below and then leave us a comment telling us the abbreviation or crochet term that first caught you off guard when you started!


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