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Keep Your Laptop Safe With This Simple, Cute, Customizable Laptop Sleeve!

As we all know, laptops are pretty expensive, so it is super important to be sure we have a case or bag of some sort to keep it protected from ourselves and the elements of life! But after spending so much on the new piece of technology, we don’t really want to spend a ton on a bag, which is why we love the idea of crocheting our own laptop sleeve to help protect it.

This project from Simply Hooked Crochet is simple enough for beginners, and allows for maximum creativity (you can customize your laptop sleeve anyway you want!).

Now we hope you will follow along with this wonderful video tutorial below, and give it a try for yourself! We know you are going to absolutely love this project, whether you are making it for your own needs or as a gift to someone you love (think students carrying their laptops from class to class)!


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