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Of Sweaters and Socks: Featured Items Of The Day

We’d like to feature a few crocheted toddler sweaters and some socks that have been shared with us recently by our readers. The captions are in their own words. They remind us of the some of the traditional uses of crochet: to keep us and our babies warm.

from Kathleen Hanratty: “I’m just tired of Winter and am thinking about springtime … this is a little jacket (18 month) … more to follow.”

from: Tammy ‘Witte’ Carlton: “~Slippers Slippers Slippers~”

from: Shirl Pearl: “Just thought I would share this :: Hope U like it :)”

from: Jill Bunker: “One of the only things I know how to make. Only single crochet. This pattern was given to me verbally by my husbands grandmother (she is 86 now), she wanted someone to be able to make them when she can’t anymore. Thank heavens she is still crocheting as she has made and given out hundreds of pairs. I will never fill her shoes.”

Those of us who have learned crochet from dear family members, or have been inspired by memories of them crocheting every time they sat down between work or chore tasks, understand the tribute Jill has given. We help keep up an old tradition. And we honor those who have led the way.

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