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Once You Learn The Cluster Stitch, You’ll Want To Use It Again And Again!

Can we be honest for a second? As much as we love to crochet, using the same stitch time after time, again and again can get pretty boring pretty quickly; that is why we love learning new stitches so anytime we want to work on a new project, we have a whole arsenal of stitches to choose from.

With that said, after learning the cluster stitch, we may have gone into a bit of a cluster stitch binge; we were using it project after project, but hello? We *had* to master it!

Anyway, the cluster stitch is a great way to add a unique texture to your projects! Here are the 2 most common ways to crochet the cluster stitch, courtesy of the following video tutorial from the Crochet Guru. Check it out, learn this stitch, and watch as your stitching knowledge continues to grow!


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